• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 15 Nov 2021
The List of League of Legends Champions in the 2d Act of Arcane Poster

The List of League of Legends Champions in the 2d Act of Arcane

Arcane that premiered on Netflix on November 13 is more than just an animated series. It’s based on the League of Legends universe, and for fans of the game, it’s a real soul fest. Along with great visuals and writing, the series will challenge the experienced viewers with numerous easter eggs. Anyway, there are way more obvious references to the original game.
We have already seen the second act of Arcane features champions in the first act. In fact, Ekko is the only one that only shows up in the first act and does not return… yet. Still, the third act is ahead, and we may see unexpected returns as well as new characters. So far the list looks like this.

  • Jayce. A member of the Piltover Council, a technological revolution that is changing the trade in Piltover, and a talented politician.
  • Heimerdinger. Named the Father of Piltover, this extravagant scientist only appears rarely. However, his appearances are crucial for the story, as the warnings in them are serious.
  • Viktor. The champion searches for healing with the power of the Hexcore, and this drives him to some careless steps. In the end, we may see him in the shape we remember from the game.
  • Vi. A criminal, a prisoner, a beauty, and a deep soul, she develops through the acts, finally finding her sister Jinx (yes, it’s official now).
  • Jinx. This pyromaniac girl may destroy Piltover, or at least set it on panic. Yet she is deeper than just one passion.
  • Caitlyn. An intellectual criminal hunter, in the second act of Arcane she builds some unexpected bonds with those she had to keep locked.
  • Singed. Still an intellectual monster, he is shown as able to develop more bonds with those sharing his passion, like Viktor. 

The third act is still ahead, scheduled on Netflix on November 20. Are you waiting for it? Counting minutes? Who and what do you expect to see? Would you recommend Arcane to those who have never played LoL? Drop a comment to share your thoughts!

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