• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 26 Jan 2024
Shazam Enhances Music Identification for Headphone Users Poster

Shazam Enhances Music Identification for Headphone Users

The Apple-owned service, Shazam, has unveiled a new feature that enables users to discover music through the app while their headphones are plugged in. The latest update, which was announced recently, allows for smooth music recognition, whether the audio comes from external sources or plays within apps such as TikTok and YouTube. Users simply need to launch Shazam, look for the headphone symbol to ensure their headphones are connected, and start identifying tunes around them.

Imagine you're enjoying TikTok videos through your headphones and stumble upon a catchy tune you wish to identify. With Shazam's new functionality, you just need to activate the app, initiate the music recognition process, and quickly switch back to TikTok. Within moments, even as the playback briefly pauses, the song's information will be retrieved and accessible when you revisit Shazam.

The same convenience applies if you're relaxing at a café, wearing headphones, and curious about the background music. Without removing your headphones, you can employ Shazam to find out what track is playing.

Previously, Shazam had the capability to recognize songs being played on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. However, the functionality was limited as it didn't support music identification while using headphones. This gap has now been bridged with the latest update.

Shazam, which launched in 2002 and was bought by Apple for $400 million in 2017, continues to be a popular music discovery application with a global user base exceeding 300 million monthly active users.

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