• Ryan Gutierrez
  • 22 Mar 2021
Horizon Zero Dawn and other Giveaways via PlayStation Play at Home Poster

Horizon Zero Dawn and other Giveaways via PlayStation Play at Home

It’s well about time for Sony to relaunch its Play at Home program in the lockdown era. Not that the company ignored the new realities before that. But now the resurrected Play at Home offers a brand new set of great games you can download and enjoy for free (rather than expose yourself to the virus out in the streets).

The games on the list include, for example, Horizon Zero Dawn. It will require some patience, because this offer will only start on April 18 and last until May 14. The cult game will take about 60 GB on your disk, as it will include the full set of DLC available. Another title that you may enjoy with Play at Home is Funimation channel and its subchannel Wakanim – not completely for free, but a three-month trial is long enough to appreciate it. The trial is available from March 25, and you get your three months regardless of when you start.
So far Play at Home includes indie titles like Abzu, Enter the Gungeon, Rez Infinite, Subnautica, and The Witness. They are available from March 26 until April 23. If you are one of those lucky ones with PS VR, there are more titles, like Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Moss, Paper Beast, and Thumper. Now, if you hurry, you can still get your free Ratchet & Clank (that’s available until April 1).

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