• Kayla Cruz
  • 01 Dec 2023
Capsule Aims to Revolutionize News Consumption as the "Spotify for News" Poster

Capsule Aims to Revolutionize News Consumption as the "Spotify for News"

Capsule, a Paris-based startup, has set out to redefine the way people consume news by designing an app reminiscent of Spotify for news content. By fusing AI technology with careful editorial selection, Capsule offers users an innovative way to digest news from articles, newsletter excerpts, tweets, and other social media updates easily.

Users will find Capsule's interface familiar, borrowing from the swipe-friendly design of TikTok and similar social media platforms. News items are presented in a vertically scrollable feed, showcasing headlines with associated imagery or social media post snapshots, inviting users to delve into summaries with just a tap or explore the full content on the original publisher's site via a direct link.

The founders, Jérôme Boé and Arthur de Villemandy bring their own experiences to the table—Boé with his past venture Snax, a short-form video app, and de Villemandy with his newsletter "Magma," centering on business insights.

Boé envisions Capsule as an avenue to democratize quality news access and has future ambitions to categorize the news universe into curated "playlists," enhancing discovery and recommendations much like Spotify does with music. He emphasizes that Capsule doesn’t merely collect links like traditional news aggregators. The platform intends to offer an enriched reading experience by converging in-depth research, cross-referencing, and interactive elements akin to a comprehensive newsletter.

A network of 10 international freelancers, chosen for their passion for reading and distinct perspectives, is at the heart of Capsule's curation process. Boé believes AI alone can't fulfill the nuanced editorial process essential for selecting content that aligns with Capsule's focus on trends and insights for contemporary leaders. Quality and pertinence of content are prioritized over popularity metrics such as social engagement.

The curating team ensures approximately 20 to 30 handpicked insights are introduced daily on Capsule, covering significant news, emerging trends, and subtle indicators. The editorial team, in turn, ensures the source material is legitimate and then condenses it into a concise format.

Beyond single articles, Capsule employs AI to suggest a suite of related news, enriching users’ comprehension and exposure.

Capsule diverges from other news apps by not restricting the variety of news sources in its feed, having connected to over 400 different news outlets.

Currently, Capsule is a self-funded venture composed of a four-member team, with plans to explore a freemium model depending upon further development and growth. For the moment, the iOS app remains free to download, inviting users to a new world of news reading.

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