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  • Kayla Cruz
  • 19 Nov 2023
Top 5 Urban Planning Simulators Worth Buying Poster

Top 5 Urban Planning Simulators Worth Buying

Many cities can boast of beautiful architecture, spectacular views, and picturesque parks. But it does not do without disadvantages: congestion, noise, inconvenient road junctions… The only way to enjoy a perfect metropolis is to build it yourself. We have collected for you the most relevant urban planning simulators that are worth buying if you are a fan of the genre.

Cities Skylines II

Cities Skylines II game

In Cities Skylines II, wildlife with mountains, reservoirs, and swamps is available to us. In order for a real dream city to appear here, you will have to work hard: lay roads, build high-rise buildings, conduct water supply, organize the work of the police and fire service, and create conditions for the development of industry and trade.

Is the infrastructure ready? It remains to maintain and improve it in every possible way. Maybe build a factory? The population will be dissatisfied with the environment. Are there solid parks in the city? Now, residents can't find a job. We will try to fulfill all the dreams of citizens — and immediately catastrophically exceed the budget. It turns out that no matter what we do, we cannot avoid headaches. Each of our decisions affects the lives of citizens, so we take into account the consequences and try to minimize the negative. But what a space for creativity!

Anno 1800

Anno 1800 game

In Anno 1800, we are immersed in the age of Enlightenment: the first machines appeared in the factories, and successful diplomacy and trade became the main secret of success. Here, you can show your managerial abilities to the fullest! We build settlements, make alliances with neighbors, lay trade routes, pump up the army, and actively influence the course of history.

Although our main task is to monitor the mood of our subjects, farmers, workers, artisans, and engineers are under our supervision. And everyone has their own needs: if an ordinary hard worker needs fish and simple clothes, then advanced citizens need schools and fur coats. We also do not forget about realization, wealth, and fame: we strive for effective management of factories, equip expeditions, and build our industrial empire.


Frostpunk game

A global cold snap has happened in the world of Frostpunk. So what? We put on a padded jacket and boldly take the leadership of the freezing settlement. To stay at the post for at least 45 days, it is necessary to monitor the balance: the more technology develops, the more fuel is consumed. But there is no way without development: residents need housing, food, medicine, and nowhere without moral support!

The difficulty is that all decisions affect the scale of hope. Provided the city with heat? People are happy. Sent them to work overtime? We received a wave of indignation. If you make too many mistakes, you can not only lose your position — citizens will go berserk and literally throw the negligent mayor out into the cold.


Gord game

In the "Slavic" Gord, people angered the gods so much that they deprived the Earth of sunlight. Now, we will have to develop the settlement in conditions of eternal darkness and great danger. Robbers prowl around in search of prey, and predators come out of the forest and bite residents, workers are constantly going crazy, dooming themselves to death… And do not forget about the terrible bosses that you will have to fight one day!

So we strengthen the settlement's defense, pray to all the gods, and learn to conjure and scatter monsters — the darkness will not pass!


Endzone game

In Endzone, we find ourselves in the world after a nuclear disaster. There are ruins of skyscrapers and flint for lighting a fire from scientific achievements. In such conditions, it is difficult to build a decent settlement: raiders do not give rest at all, radiation murders people, and sandstorms destroy buildings.

There is little hope, but we cannot give up. We clean the water with coal, distribute overalls, and dig up the ground to get rid of radiation. The responsibility for the future of the whole world rests with us!

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