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  • 22 May 2024
The Best Weapons in the Halo Series Since Combat Evolved Poster

The Best Weapons in the Halo Series Since Combat Evolved

Since its inception, the Halo franchise has introduced a vast array of iconic weapons that have become staples in both single-player campaigns and multiplayer battles. From the first game, Combat Evolved, to the most recent titles, the arsenal available to players has continuously evolved, offering a blend of traditional firearms and futuristic alien technology. In this article, we'll take a deep dive into some of the best weapons that have graced the Halo series, examining their impact, design, and overall effectiveness.

MA5 Series Assault Rifle

The MA5 series of assault rifles has been a staple of the Halo series since its inception. Known for its reliability and versatility, this weapon has seen various iterations over the years. The MA5B, introduced in Halo: Combat Evolved, set the standard with its high rate of fire and substantial ammo capacity. This made it an ideal starting weapon for new players navigating the early levels of the game. Subsequent versions, like the MA5C in Halo 3 and the MA5D in Halo 4, have refined its functionality, adding greater accuracy and power, which makes it a dependable choice in many combat scenarios.

ma5 halo

M6 Series Magnum

Another quintessential weapon in the Halo series is the M6 series Magnum. This semi-automatic handgun packed a punch, and its precision made it a favorite for many players. From the M6D in Combat Evolved with its 2x scope to more modern variants like the M6H2 in Halo 5, the Magnum has consistently served as a reliable secondary weapon. Its ability to quickly down opponents with well-placed shots has made it a go-to for skilled players looking to conserve primary ammo.

M6 Magnum halo game

Covenant Energy Sword

The Covenant Energy Sword, recognizable by its glowing blue blade, is one of the most iconic melee weapons in gaming history. First introduced in Halo 2, the sword quickly became a symbol of prowess and skill in multiplayer. Its ability to murder in one kick balanced by its limited range required players to master the art of closing the distance quickly and efficiently. The thrill of taking down an opponent with this elegant weapon remains unmatched, making it a fan favorite in every iteration of the game.

Covenant Energy Sword halo game

Spartan Laser

Debuting in Halo 3, the Spartan Laser (or Laser Weapon System) offers immense power with its ability to destroy most vehicles and heavily armored targets in a single shot. Its charging mechanism requires exact timing, introducing a risk-reward factor in its operation. While not ideal for close quarters, its effectiveness at long range makes it a valuable asset in the hands of strategic players. Whether taking out a Wraith tank or a Banshee, the Spartan Laser ensures a satisfying explosion.

Spartan Laser


The Needler is perhaps one of the most unique weapons in the Halo arsenal. Firing homing crystalline shards that detonate after embedding in the target, this weapon offers a distinctive play style. First appearing in Combat Evolved, the Needler has seen various improvements, making its projectiles more lethal and faster. Its “supercombine” explosion when enough needles impact a target is a spectacle and a bane for opponents, especially in confined spaces. The Needler's combination of aesthetic appeal and destructive power makes it a standout weapon across the series.

Needler for halo game.

Battle Rifle

The Battle Rifle, introduced in Halo 2, quickly became a favorite due to its versatility. This weapon, capable of burst fire, facilitates efficient combat at mid to long distances, serving as an intermediary between the Assault Rifle and the Sniper.The BR55 with its 2x scope enables players to engage enemies with precision, without sacrificing rate of fire. Its three-round burst is lethal, especially when aimed at the head, making it a critical tool for both solo and team-based strategies in multiplayer.

Battle Rifle halo game

Sniper Rifle

No Halo experience is complete without the Sniper Rifle. Known for its ability to eliminate targets from extreme distances, this weapon has seen numerous iterations. The SRS99 series, starting from Combat Evolved, has been the series mainstay. Boasting a high-powered scope and devastating shots, the Sniper Rifle requires a steady hand and precise aim. Mastering this weapon can turn the tide of any battle, making its wielder a key player in team dynamics, especially in modes like Big Team Battle.

Sniper Rifle halo

Gravity Hammer

First wielded by Brutes in Halo 3, the Gravity Hammer adds a new dimension to melee combat. With the power to send enemies flying and disrupt vehicles, it is both a literal and metaphorical game-changer. The enormous shockwave it produces makes it effective for crowd control, allowing players to clear out rooms or disperse groups of enemies. Combining raw power with strategic usage, the Gravity Hammer has become an emblematic weapon for those who enjoy up-close confrontations.

Gravity hammer halo game

DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle)

Introduced in Halo: Reach, the DMR became a favorite for precision-based players. Its single-shot fire mode and accuracy at range make it an ideal weapon for picking off enemies from a distance. Equipped with a scope, the DMR allows players to engage effectively across various map sizes. The balance between accuracy and damage output ensures that it is a reliable option for those who prefer a more calculated approach to combat.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher, a cornerstone of explosive weaponry in Halo, delivers unmatched destructive power. This weapon, with its propellant-driven rockets, has been part of the series since Combat Evolved. Its ability to obliterate both vehicles and clusters of enemies makes it invaluable in large-scale battles. Experiencing the rush of executing an impeccable shot and observing the ensuing havoc embodies a quintessential aspect of playing Halo. Each iteration of the Rocket Launcher has maintained its legacy of delivering massive damage with each shot.

Rocket Launcher halo


The Halo series has consistently provided players with an arsenal that balances familiarity with innovation. From the trusty MA5 series to the exotic Covenant Energy Sword, each weapon has carved out its own niche within the game's lore and mechanics. As the series continues to evolve, these iconic weapons will undoubtedly remain integral to the Halo identity, shaping the gameplay and memories of countless players worldwide.


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