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  • Ryan Gutierrez
  • 09 Mar 2022
The Best Android Apps for Travel in 2022 Poster

The Best Android Apps for Travel in 2022

When you are planning your trips, you face many challenges. What to pack into your bags? Which airlines offer the best flights? How to schedule your days when you arrive? These questions can be answered with specialized apps that help you solve almost any question arising before the trip.


If you plan your travels beforehand, you have weeks or even months to learn at least the most useful phrases. Duolingo delivers a gamified language learning experience for free, with dozens of languages supported if you know English. It lacks theory, but it delivers the most useful phrases and sentences you may want to use during your trips on the streets, in restaurants, or while walking the cities.


What should you put in your bags? PackPoint knows the deal. Not only does it generate suggestions based on already taken items (like, when you take a laptop, it suggests a charger, and if there’s a toothbrush, it reminds you about toothpaste). It also fetches the weather, minds the date, asks for your plans, and forms lists of things to take automatically – though you, of course, can edit them.


It’s, again, the app for the planning type. If you are scheduling your trips in advance, if you pack your bags weeks before and write down all the phones and addresses just in case, Trello lets you plan your routes and routines and foresee the most unpredictable circumstances. The basic version is free but opting for an advanced version may save you more than it costs.


Flight deals are often what motivates us to take trips, or at least to choose the date. SkyScanner is an aggregator that searches through hundreds of airlines sites and finds the most affordable flights from your A to your B. In addition, in SkyScanner you can book hotels, rental cars, select the greenest flight, or find inspiration.


If you prefer all-in-one apps, Hopper may be the one. With it, you can search for everything: flights, rooms, cars, whatever. The greatest thing about Hopper, though, is that it not only tracks but predicts potential deals. It also suggests alternative dates for your routes if it detects cheaper tickets or predicts hotel prices drop. As icing on the cake, it even has personalized recommendations!


Everybody knows about Airbnb and Booking. Here is a good alternative that you can use for longer stays. Vrbo does not offer shared places, so it’s not as well suited for ultra-budget vacations. But if you are searching for a place to stay comfortably, that’s the app.


On the contrary, Hostelworld is a budget-friendly app for booking hostels or apartments all over the planet. It has its own payment gateway and reservation system that supports cancellations and refunds. A map, a system of filters, even a search for free activities! If you want your trip cheap and full of fun, this is the perfect choice for a backpacking weekend.


And yet another all-in-one app that helps you to plan your trips. You can simply add your flights, trains, hotel or apartment reservations, or other planned activities to your schedule by simply emailing them to TripIt. The strongest part of it is the ability to process documents and letters and fetch the essentials. It even embraces the COVID-19 specifics of today’s travels.

Google Maps

On Android, you probably have this app already. But its potential is much greater than just moving from A to B or seeing what’s around you. Download offline maps, check for POIs, know about local businesses, from restaurants to car rentals, and leave your own reviews. Google Maps is perfectly integrated with Android, and I wouldn’t recommend switching to any other maps when you have this.

Google Translate

As great as Duolingo is, it doesn’t contain all the words and expressions you may need. But Google Translate, integrated with the camera app, now lets you translate typed or spoken text across many languages. It also lets you recognize and translate texts with your camera, no matter if it’s a road sign or a newspaper, or whatever. The greatest thing is that you can download language packs and use Google Translate offline.

Travel Smart!

Of course, there are more useful apps than these ten. I have mentioned some alternatives when possible. But maybe you want more apps that are necessary for traveling. Would you drop some names in the comments? We’ll be thankful if you do.

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