MARVEL Future Revolution

MARVEL Future Revolution

MARVEL Future Revolution

The Marvel Universe is a massive franchise that includes a grand variety of superheroes, where everyone can find a protagonist to their taste. MARVEL Future Revolution mobile allows you to feel like one of eight popular heroes, such as Captain America, Storm, Black Widow, and more.  Along with the Omega Flight alliance, you will have to protect the Primary Earth from multiple villains after an event called The Convergence. To go through the chain of missions of each character and enjoy the open-world game, you will need a device on iOS and Android platforms.


The significant advantage of this game over others is the high level of graphics. MARVEL Future Revolution looks great due to its smooth animation, lots of details, and high texture quality. The characters look bright and unique, as well as have individual visual effects of attacks. Unfortunately for many users, this level of graphics is not suitable for all smartphones because the load on the device is very high. But thanks to a wide range of settings, you can optimize the game for your smartphone.


The game draws inspiration from the New Avengers series. The heroes of Earth 616 had a difficult task to solve and save other Earths from destruction. After successfully rescuing the pieces of multiple Earths blended and created a new world filled with alternate versions of heroes and villains. The game begins with a cinematic cutscene featuring heroes struggling with Convergence. 

The MARVEL Future Revolution is an open-world action RPG game, but it doesn’t feel like a wide sandbox to play around. You will have several small areas for exploring and taking missions. On the other hand, this will save time between quests. Also, if you don’t want to move independently to your mission, there is the option to make your character automatically run to a place you need.

Unfortunately, the controls and the gameplay are not as good as many Marvel fans would like. The screen display is not suited for this character control system, so it is quite easy to perform an undesirable action. This control layout is more suitable for consoles or other devices with more features. The motion of the camera may seem unpredictable, and the movement of the character is too slow.


Due to the open-world design, the game provides the player with a wide range of features, so you can always occupy yourself with the main and the side quests. Each character’s storyline and beautiful graphics can keep you in this game universe for a long time. The developers made sure to add new content, so this game is pretty replayable.


  • Amazing graphics
  • A lot of customization options
  • Open-world with a lot of content


  • To much microtransactions offers
  • Character controls are not easy to manipulate
  • Not the best sound design
MARVEL Future Revolution

MARVEL Future Revolution



If you are a fan of superheroes in a unique world and want to spend some time rescuing the earth, this game can be a great solution. To install MARVEL Future Revolution the free game on your mobile device, you need to download it from App Store or Google Play.