Sony decided to pull PES 2019 from this month's PS Plus line-up

Nick Howard


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This article is a tribute to PlayStation 4, and at the same time, it will be interesting for football fans. How can one reconcile these? That is exactly what we are going to explain. Being a PlayStation Plus subscriber keen on soccer, you've definitely expected to get a quality football simulator together with other new PS Plus games in the next package. We have to disappoint you because Sony has decided to leave this issue over until July. Its representative tendered an apology without much comments on the matter. We are talking about PES 2019.

Sad replacement

Unfortunately, not all promises can be kept. Earlier, the developer planned to grant free access to PES 2019 developed by PES Productions. This game is regarded as one of the best football games. It is challenging, full of beautiful details. This time the players will get more control under a match with almost a physical feel of the ball. It calls us to show the skills and win.

This football game was one of the titles initially integrated into the coming online subscription package. We do not know exactly the reason for removal, but this perfect product has been replaced by Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition. Nobody expects such event from Sony. This is really a very rare decision which the company may afford. What do we think about this announcement? Could it be because of marketing? Or are there any technical moments?

They said that there was a kind of negative reaction as to PES 2019's inclusion from the very beginning. Show us that guy who was against! We personally wanted badly to play it as soon as possible. And as far as we remember, Sony thought it would be a nice support for a sports-orientated PS Plus month in addition to Horizon Chase Zero. This indie car racing game has been remained in the package by the way. Who cares about those racing? We are kidding, of course. The title is nice, but still it is a pity to get it instead of a game we have desired so much.

There are also rumors that Detroit: Become Human, which is on sale now has suggested better value compared to PES 2019. We think this story has some color of the truth. The game is considered as a AAA exclusive. Its Digital Deluxe version has a predecessor, the narrative-and-choice adventure full of crime Heavy Rain released in the updated PS4 form. In addition, Beyond: Two Souls also will be included. Perhaps, Sony wanted to make the most of them before they are available on PC.

Cheering moment

Things can't be all that bad. We would say that Detroit: Become Human is quite a worthy alternative but of an entirely different type. This is a well-done thriller about human-like androids which live with people. Perhaps you will not find a lot of beauty here, but the gameplay is rather interesting. We believe a thrilling playing experience will help you to wait for your just a wish.