Harry Potter: Wizards Unite vs. Pokemon Go

Lily Milton


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Do you know what is special about Harry Potter story? This is a stunning atmosphere which swallows you up utterly making to forget about the real world. You get immersed in that magic environment packed with witches, fairy tales, monsters, Muggles, and believe in it. That is why when I play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR game, I just do not look aside. It is really cool with its realistic design, powerful gameplay, and smart challenges. And now I want to compare it with AR Pokemon Go – my favorite game which I played several years ago. There must be a difference. Let’s see.

Brief research

What about maps?

The game map of Harry Potter is rather rich and busy with a lot of living beings crossing the screen. Everything is alive here: sliding clouds, a rising moon, smoking chimneys, and so on. On the contrary, Pokemon Go’s map is static almost. The objects start moving if you tap them, and that is good in some way – the things do not distract. You can focus only on those items which require your attention. The live camera in Harry Potter really makes me confused, and I have to turn it off. This comparison is in favor of Pokemon Go due to a perfect balance of usability and involvement.


In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite you will find a lot of venues and constructions which do matter for your mission. For instance, you can check into a hotel and take some meal into an AR dining room to get additional energy. In Pokemon Go there are well-known pokestops and gyms, but you do not interact a lot with structures. Harry Potter suggests more engrossing and realistic gaming experience in this regard.

Monsters and challenges

In Harry Potter you are not expected to catch all the monsters you meet. They are just for pleasure. You discover a strange magical world around you and communicate with those creatures to entertain. The diversity of creatures and the way you interact with them do matter here. While In Pokemon Go everything is repetitive with the same pocket monsters which should be collected. That is the mission.

Who is the winner?

Well, I have decided that I like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite more. There is no surprise in such a conclusion. It is really better implemented as an AR game. Niantic is good at it! Here we have rich gameplay and expansive backstory. You can find the elements form Harry Potter books and movies. There are even moments from Fantastic Beasts. It is impossible to resist the charm of that beautiful, magical world, which is well done even for mobile devices.

I’m not sure that it is possible to update Pokemon Go in order to deliver this immersive experience. Here we have different story and challenges. You just toss pokeballs and battle for gyms. And that is the main value of this game. So perhaps, I shouldn’t compare them. Either game is good in its own way. But still, I am under the impression of that universe in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite where I want to return again.