Hangouts Meet

Google Meet, formerly known as Hangouts, is a secure video conferencing tool developed by Google to facilitate remote collaboration for business teams. The service lets you create rooms for multiple participants or meet with individuals through a simple dial-in. Due to the integration of Google services, it’s very easy to plan meetings and exchange files of any size. You can get this application for iOS and Android or use a web version on any desktop operating system.

Infinite Integrations

A standout feature of the service is the abundance of additional offerings included with the basic $6 subscription package. Having a paid Google Workspace plan, you receive not only a single app that you choose, but 11 more popular cloud-based apps by Google with an extended set of features. Even if you choose the limited free plan, it’s quite difficult to figure out what are the limitations because all of the essential features, including integrations, are free for everyone. Google Meet paid plans only unlock larger participant counts, meeting recording, and some other advanced features, depending on your demand.

Moreover, parties that use conferencing solutions by other developers, including Skype for Business, Polycom, Cisco, and other SIP and H.323-based systems, can connect to Google Meet conferences through Pexip Infinity service.

Too Easy

Creating meetings in this app literally takes just a couple of clicks. You can create average rooms or meetings with an instant automatic launch to speed up the workflow. The third option is to plan a meeting in Google Calendar. When you create a recording, all the users who have access receive notifications and can react to the invitation saying if they can or cannot attend.

During the conference, you can use the chat to exchange links and files. To share a sizeable file, just provide a link from Google Drive or another cloud storage service, enabling everyone to begin downloading it prior to the conclusion of the meeting.

Loads of Extras

Depending on a plan you have, you can also use background blurring and substitution, digital whiteboard, noise suppression, real-time surveys, digital illumination for dark rooms, and many more.


  • Affordable business solution (can be used for free)
  • Call recording and attendance tracking (Business Plus)
  • Connectible to other conferencing platforms via Pexip Infinity
  • Connection in a couple of clicks
  • Secured by a worldwide encryption network


  • Focused more on business than individual purposes
  • The free version is quite limited
Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet



Google Meet (former Hangouts) is a highly effective business solution. Due to deep integration with other Google services, such as Calendar, Drive, etc., you can adopt the entire system and forget about difficulties with the adjustment process. You only need all the team members to log into Google Workspace or a single Meet app and start collaborating. The app is free to start on any platform and doesn’t require any technical support.

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